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First Knight Miniatures


Stephani Pappas was born on July 30th in 1985, and consequently she inherited the title of heiress to the First Knight Miniatures farm. She entered her first halter class at one and a half years old, and frequently competed in AMHA exhibitions from that point onward, becoming one of the most decorated youth competitors in breed history. As an adult, Stephani disappeared from the show ring for several years to pursue education in her second great passion, the fine arts; during this time she completed three years of education at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) and worked as an artist fulfilling numerous private commissions – a pursuit which she has never quit.


She now hopes to combine these two elements of her life, horses and art, by offering her skills as a portraitist to any and all who would like to see their favorite horses rendered on canvas. Should you desire a portrait, all that is required is a photograph of the horse in a pose of your choice, and a brief discussion with the artist about the details of your specific commission.


Having been born and raised within the miniature horse circuit, Stephani has cultivated an intimate knowledge and rapport with the breed both inside and outside of the ring; the combination of this knowledge with her professional skills at abstract and realist portraiture makes her one of the most specialized artists in the field today. We hope that you will consider engaging Stephani for a commission, so that you too can enjoy the stunning beauty of the miniature horse breed in one of the most traditional and treasured art forms of all time.



First Knight Miniatures


Commissions may vary from the estimated prices below, when placing an order individuals will receive an exact price quote before work on their painting or sketch begins. Prices do not include shipping and handling. 


approx. 8X10 $100.00
approx. 12X16 $125.00
approx. 14X18 $150.00


approx. 8X10 $175.00
approx. 12X16 $225.00
approx. 14X18 $250.00
approx. 16X20 $275.00
approx. 16X28 $350.00
approx. 18X30 $450.00
approx. 20X32 $550.00
approx. 24x36 $650.00


approx. 8X10 $200.00
approx. 12x16 $250.00
approx. 14X18 $275.00
approx. 16X20 $300.00
approx. 16X28 $400.00
approx. 18X30 $500.00
approx. 20X32 $600.00
approx. 24X36 $700.00

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