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2024 Show Schedule (As of 11/29/2023)


March: 8-10th Belton,TX (AMHR/AMHA)


April: 12-14th Glen Rose,TX (AMHR Only)

April: 19-21st Purcell,OK (AMHR Only/PHA Clinic)

April: 20-21st Oklahoma City,OK (AMHR/AMHA)


May: 3-5th Glen Rose,TX (AMHR Area V/AMHA)

May: 10-12th Belton,TX (AMHR Only)

May: 18-19th Katy,TX (AMHA Only)

May: 18-19th Oklahoma City,OK (AMHR/AMHA)


June: 8-9th Katy,TX (AMHA Only)

June: 15-16th Ada,OK (AMHR Only)


July: 5-7th Belton,TX (AMHA Regionals)


August: 3-4th Chickasha,OK (AMHR/AMHA)

August: 10-11th Purcell,OK (AMHR Only)


September: 5-14th Tulsa,OK (AMHR Nationals)

September: 20-28th Fort Worth,TX (AMHA Worlds)


This schedule is a list of POSSIBLE shows. This schedule is subject to change due to client/personal availability. Some shows are on the same weekend, we will attend the shows with the most client interest. This schedule will be updated and changed as needed.

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