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First Knight Miniatures
Show Schedule 2023
(As of 1/19/2023)
March: 10-12 Belton,TX (R/A)
April: 7-9 Glen Rose (R)
April: 15-16 Purcell,OK (R/A)
April: 22-23 Ada,OK (R)

May: 5-6 Glen Rose (R/A)
May: 12-14 Belton,TX (R)
May: 20-21 Katy,TX (A)
June: 9-11 Glen Rose Area V (R)
June: 17-18 Ada,OK (R)
July: 7-9 Belton,TX Central Regionals (A)
August: 5-6 Purcell,OK (R/A)
August: 12-13 Purcell,OK (R)
September: 7-16 Tulsa,OK AMHR National Show
September: 23-30 Fort Worth,TX AMHA World
Championship Show
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